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The Power of Personal Responsibility: The Keys to Professional and Personal Effectiveness

Rationale: This program is predicated on two notions:
  • That people with a strong internal locus of control are more highly motivated, productive, and successful; and
  • An internal locus of control can be encouraged and developed through training, coaching, mentoring and successful life experience
Locus of control is the perceived source of control over our behaviour. People with an internal locus of control tend to believe they control the outcomes in their life and that their own skill, ability and efforts determine the bulk of their life experiences. In contrast, people with external locus of control believe that their lives are determined mainly by sources outside themselves – fate, chance, luck or powerful others.

Our personal and professional lives are profoundly influenced by whether we see control as predominantly internal or external. Locus of control influences the way we view our opportunities and ourselves.

Underlying internal locus of control is the concept of "self as agent"-- that our thoughts control our actions and that when we realize accept this, we can positively affect our beliefs, motivation, and performance in any area.

This is what we know about people with a strong internal locus of control. They are strivers, willing to defer gratification and plan for the long term. Less prone to learned helplessness, they resist coercion and are better at tolerating ambiguity. They tend to learn from past experiences and are more willing to work on self-improvement and better themselves through remedial work. They are calculated risk takers who are more likely to be creative, innovative and to initiate activity that makes things happen. After experiencing success they tend to raise their behavioural goals. In addition, they work at developing and taking better advantage of support systems and networks.

Target Audience: All organizational members

Session Overview

Session One: The Power of Personal Responsibility:
  • Who's in charge--understanding personal responsibility
  • Risk and Reward
  • Values Clarification and Alignment
  • Aligning Personal and Corporate Values
  • Corporate war stories
  • Personal responsibility and Accountability
  • Dealing with life's little turns
Session Two: Your Winning Combination
  • Common sense strategies for effectively positioning yourself for success in your job/organization.
  • Mindframes--What you bring to the table.
  • Developing a Personal Value Proposition
    • A description of how your unique mixture of five key elements creates and/or adds value for your organization, the people in it and its customers.
  • Creating and using a resource proclamation to differentiate yourself.
  • Creating the opportunity to buy
Session Three: Creating Your Own Successes
  • Commonsense strategies for personal and professional success
  • Personal and professional success factors
  • Learned Optimism: Overcoming adversity and dealing with change
  • Managing Priorities
Session Four: Pulling an Inside Job: The Intrapreneur in You
  • Next Week's Newspaper: How do you want to be remembered?
  • Reducing job quality deficits
  • Becoming an intrapreneurial employee
  • Assertive risk taking, creativity and innovation
Session Five: Working With Others
  • Mindframes revisited
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: techniques for effectively relating with customers, peers, reports and bosses
  • Influencing others
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Helping others to achieve personal best performance
Session Six: Life Lines
  • Creating and using personal support systems
  • Networking

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